Themes and Objectives
The computational science is an interdisciplinary field, which involves mathematics, mechanics, computer science, physics, biology, finance, and various fields of science and engineering. As computing power grows rapidly, numerical simulation has played much more important role than ever in real problems solving and decision making process. In recent decades, the computational science has made tremendous progresses in method, analysis, algorithm, and applications, and at meantime, it results in great mathematical and computational challenges. This conference provides a forum for experts in the fields of computational science to summarize and understand the fundamentals of the advances in past decades and exchange new ideas for the current challenges. It also offers a unique opportunity to bring together leading experts and young researchers, old and new friends for discussing their achievements in their areas and promoting interactions and collaborations in the future.
The conference consists of invited talks, minisymposium presentations and a few contributed talks. The topics of this conference include:
1. Current trends of the spectral methods;
2. The mathematical framework for the finite, boundary and spectral element methods;
3. Approximation theory and application to computation;
4. Parallel and iterative algorithms based on domain decomposition for large scale systems;
5. Analysis and algorithm for non-linear problems;
6. Numerical method and analysis for stochastic equations;
7. Analysis and numerics for high-dimensional problems.